Traci Walter: Blog en-us (C) Traci Walter (Traci Walter) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:03:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:03:00 GMT Traci Walter: Blog 81 120 Bigg's Killer whale social hour(s)! We got word that a very large group of Bigg's (transient) Killer whales were hanging out in Rosario strait, so off we went! We have had rather large groupings and mixing of various matrilines in the area this spring. Exciting stuff for sure! In this particular grouping we had multiple matriarchs and their offspring partying it up! Lots of social behavior as they travelled along. It was very exciting to watch. We had the T11's, T65As, T65Bs, T93, T97, and a I think a few others though we mainly hung out with the T11's a mom and adult son pair. 

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Meeting Big Momma's new calf! It was a breezing and adventurous day on the water with Big Momma and her new calf, affectionately nicknamed "Pop tart". Apparently this calf has been quite an active little one! This day was no exception. However, I had to watch from afar as the calf launched out of the water and threw its tail into the air. Our timing was just a little off, but it was incredible to see none the less. I think about the gauntlet the little calf went through to get to this area and so grateful that it survived the long journey north. I look forward to watching this calf grow!

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Sunset with the T77s and T75Bs There I was at home with the grill going making dinner for me and my other half. I get a call from my best bud Katie who is clearly totally excited and freaking out! She was on her way home from the ferry and had orcas right outside Friday Harbor. But it wasn't just any kind of encounter, these guy were chasing and killing Dall's porpoise in a very explosive high action scene. To see Katie's images from this encounter check out this link

I decided to abandon dinner, grab my other half and dash to our boat, Polaris. We also had another friend who was already at the marina ready and waiting. Off we went to see what else this group of Bigg's Killer whales might be up to. 

No further hunting action, but the setting sure was lovely. Beautiful night and I'm forever grateful for the call. 

These are the T77s and T75Bs. 

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Seeing Hugh for the first time in 2016 Last time I saw "Hugh" our friendly Black-tailed Deer on Stuart island, it was November. I had wished he had a good couple months not knowing when I would see him again. I returned to Stuart island a couple weekends ago and was told by friends that he had survived and was around. I just didn't get to see him. I was hoping people were right and they just weren't mistaken. But today, I saw him. Hugh was alive and well. We had given him this nickname because he was always around Hugh Pape's property, a naval architect that had passed away many years ago.  I saw him today! He has such a unique look that I knew in an instant it was him. I called out to him and I truly had no idea if he recognized my voice, or even if he was happy to see me. Whatever the case may be, I knew I was happy to know he had made it through winter. He looked in great physical condition and not the scrawny deer he looked like last year. I was allowed to scratch his chin and head like old times. I hope to see much more of him. 


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Calm evening with the J16s I was landlocked all day and hearing about the different orca sightings in the area. When I heard that the J16s had started to come down San Juan Channel I had to take that opportunity to get out on the boat and have a look. Halfway up the channel, I had realized they were not where they should have been if they had kept coming. Turns out they had done a 180 and were out of the channel to the north. I figured I had come this far and it was so beautiful out, I kept going. We only got a couple surface intervals before having to leave. Beautiful night to be on the water for sure. Everything had this beautiful blue tint and the water was glass like. These animals are a matriline from Jpod, the J16s. Last year they had spent a fair amount of time wandering around the area by themselves without the rest of Jpod. 


(I recently purchased the Fuji X30 to be more of a walk around camera that would allow me to still have complete manual control. So far I really like it, it's exactly what I was looking for, but still adjusting to how different the color casting is. I bet you can tell which were taken with the Fuji and which were with my Nikon)


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Earth Day Rainy Red Fox! Welcome to my new blog! (Er, well, what I really mean is welcome to my-attempt-to-blog-regularly. I've had a blog in the past but didn't really keep up with it.  I've been posting images to my facebook account for quite some time, but I'm finding that I would like a better platform to share my images of nature alongside some of my thoughts. So, here goes!

The Earth Day Fox

With no reports of whales in the area I stayed home to focus on some work. But the itch came. I needed a walk, or to take photos.. or just something! I had to move my bones. So I grabbed my gear and figured I would perhaps do both. On the way down to American Camp National Historical Park, it started to rain. No biggie, I don't mind rain. But then the wind came! I decided to drive around and maybe get out, but the wind was blowing rain into my eyes, I figured I wouldn't stay too long. I was there long enough for a Red fox to make a dash for my vehicle. This is a series of the Fox approaching and then shaking off some of the rain which reminds me to shake things off occasionally and take a fresh start at something. This is that something. 


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